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Quick Start
« on: August 17, 2017, 04:35:14 PM »

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Now you have to decide where your gdeps project dependenceis will be install. I call this folder «Projects».

Inside your Projects folder you have to define the paths of your IDE, Makers etc.
To do that Gdeps use a config file : directories.cfg
Copy, past and edit this file :
You can leave the unused tools.

In the projects folder we have to define the alias. This a link between the gdeps objects and the directories.
Copy, past and edit this file :
You have to define your work-space. Don't define an alias if the associate application/libraries are not install or unused.

Now you can add some projects to build and use them in your code.
To do that you have to download or create a project. For the example i use the «freetype» project at this url :

In your Projects folder create a freetype folder and put inside the freetype contain, in this case, there are only one file the script.

Execute this script.
  • A freetype subfolder has been create. Inside there are the sources and the binaries.
  • A archive has been create. It's an export of the freetype folder contain.
  • A report.json has been create. It's a JSON reporting of the errors and warnings.
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